2.5" Carnivorous Plants

2.5" Carnivorous Plants

Are you ready to enter the wild world of carnivorous plants?

Our assortment of carnivorous plants are sure to intrigue people of all ages. Carnivorous plants require indirect light and either rain water or distilled water. Venus Fly Traps and Trumpet Pitchers have a dormancy period, and will die back in the winter before regrowing in the spring!


In order of photographs: Nepenthes pitcher plants, Venus Fly Traps, and Sarracenia trumpet pitcher plants


Light: Indirect dappled light or soft intensity grow light.

Water: Keep soil moist at all times and do not allow plants to dry out. Water only with distilled water or rain water. Using tap water or bottled water will result in discoloration. Watering should be reduced in winter. Do not plant in soil; plant in sphagnum moss or peat moss.

Temperature: Average room temperatures 65-78F. Avoid 60F and below, cold drafts & sudden temperature drops.

Humidity: Prefers high humidity- tropical plants will love regular misting on leaves!

Pet-friendly: YES, non-toxic to pets and people

Other: No need to feed these plants bugs! They will attract whatever insects they need, and any green material on the plant will photosynthesize for energy. Fertilize with MaxSea Kelp fertilizer or other carnivorous plant fertilizer once a month during spring through summer. Clip off dead plant material for aesthetic purposes.