4" Aloe 'Zanzibar'

4" Aloe 'Zanzibar'

Looking for a conversation starter? This unusual aloe plant grows tall and straight with lime green leaves, tiger stripes, and white 'teeth'. Packed densely into a pot, it's sure to have your friends asking "What is that? And where can I get one?"


These 4" Aloe 'Zanzibar' come in terracotta pots with drainage.



Light: Bright indirect light

Water: Thoroughly when 75% dry. Limp or yellowing leaves indicates overwatering. Crispy brown leaf tips indicates underwatering.

Temperature: Average room temperatures 65-78F. Avoid 55F and below, cold drafts & sudden temperature drops.

Humidity: No humidity requirements

Pet-friendly: NO, can cause irriation & digestive reactions.