Mindfullness Mint (Endorphin Boost/Clarity/Focus)

Mindfullness Mint (Endorphin Boost/Clarity/Focus)

Mindfulness Mint, formerly Tea # 5, is hand blended with organic ingredients to help give your mind a pick-me-up mid day. Farm fresh and organic Peppermint, Spearmint, Mint Julep, Orange Mint, Chocolate Mint are blended with Kirishima Sencha Tea Leaves (Green). This Japanese green tea blended with five mints will be sure to shock your taste buds along with keeping you alert, happy, and focused on the task at hand. The Ginger chunks add flavor you can see. Pairs well with Mint Infused Honey. Consistent Consumption is Key! Always discuss the use of herbal supplements with your physican.
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    100% Organic

    28g portion sufficient for 30+ servings. The same tea serving may be brewed again 3-5 times. Approx 10g of caffeine per 1tbsp serving. 

    Always discuss the use of any herbal supplements with your physician. 


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